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Is Ease Part Of Your World Takeover Plan?

Well we all made it to the other side- happy New Year’s Day!

It’s in the dark moments when you find out what you are made of.

Fun times- easy peasy.

When life flows, business is pumping and momentum is going- it’s a pleasure to talk about how far you’ve come, how synchronistic life is, how your hard work finally paid off.

You know the deal- this is FB, people, we see it all day long.

And sure, it is inspiring and motivating- it helps you believe more is possible for you.

It allows you to remotely surround yourself by those people and experiences you feel will move you forward in the direction you want to go.

It’s awesome and has changed my world, personally.

But that’s not where the growth lies.
Even though it’s the sexier side of relationships, self development and entrepreneurship.

Oh look! He/she/they focused, set their gaze out, worked hard, changed their minds and got to the promised land of love, success and fulfillment!
They made it look so easy!

Ok I’ll buy their book/program/mastermind and I can become JUST LIKE THEM.

Newsflash. Even THEY are not JUST LIKE THEM.

We are humans.
All of us (even those of us unicorns :))

What you aren’t seeing is the blood sweat and tears it takes to UNBELIEVE what held them back.

You don’t get to witness their faces when the rug gets pulled out from under them.

You aren’t there in the moment when they wonder if they can really keep going even if where they are is farther along than where you are.

The bigger the game, the higher the stakes.

More zeros at the end of a number doesn’t mean scarcity doesn’t exist.

A successful launch doesn’t guarantee a consistent income.

One hit wonders aren’t exactly a sustainable legacy.

A perfect photo doesn’t mean their relationship is one you crave to have.

A well posed angle doesn’t mean they see what you see when they look in the mirror.

The REAL work gets done in between the posts.

In the darkness when the lights flicker back into old fears.

In the muck of old triggers when you get to test your resolve, when no one is watching and cheering.

In those sliding door moments when you get to choose your new way or your old way.

In the times when you find out as far as you’ve come you have a long way to go.

The past year there have been major ‘in between’ moments for me. More than I can count.
I have big dreams and plans for my life and my business.

I have so much good to do in the world.

And I also have very real responsibilities and challenges- some that get highlighted in surround sound throughout the moments of highs and success.

They can be crippling and feel like a threat to everything I’ve built and love.

When I now get to go back to old scenes and old chapters and test which version of me I am going to be.

When I need to practice that voice and boundary setting I teach others to embrace but lots of times am not sure how for myself.

Will I slide, in an instant, back into that small scared version of me and play that old game so that I feel safe?

Or will I get to test drive my growth and see how it really stands up in the flames of my old world and self, daring to get singed in the fire in order to be free.

From the cocoon of my bed, my resolve is building.

I said I was going to lead a Maverick Revolution. Started it in January 2017.

And the past 3 years I certainly went first.

But it was with force and hustle which is unnatural to me and my body and soul won’t have it anymore.

Yet there’s more to do far more.

So I will. Regardless of the fear and limitations my mind (just like yours) thinks are fun to throw at my feet when the momentum is speeding.

Give yourself the in between moments to gather your strength and watch all of the reels that need to play, not just the highlight victory ones.

You will learn more than you can imagine.

Every year I pick a word for the year.

Two years ago I chose FEARLESS.

To be honest, it nearly killed me in many ways but I’m glad I did. It tested me far past what I could’ve expected- but I asked for it 🙂

Last year-
I chose RISE.

Against any odds.
Out of my old.
Above all else.

I now stand at the edge of major expansion and I don’t yet know what it looks like but I do know there’s only one word for the HOW this year.

My body chose this year’s word.

With EASE.

What’s meant to be will flow in.

What’s meant to leave I will not resist.

Who’s coming with me?

P.S. If you don’t like the word of the year thang or anything else that other people choose to do or post about?

Guess what…you don’t have to 🙂

You also don’t have to attack others for what they try for themselves.

We are all just tryin’ to get out whole and alive so let’s soften the harshness a bit this year, m’kay? 😘✌🏻


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