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3 Ways To Foster Belief When You Have None

‘Believe it to achieve it’, they say. (Who are these elusive ‘they’ anyway?!)

Cool story, bro.

If you believed it already it wouldn’t be a challenge to create what you want!

You probably would’ve done it 10 times already AND *maybe* even tell everyone else how easy it is {snark snark}.

Nor would you be reading my blog post about it even if you love me. (I love you back btw :))

So what happens when you need to conjure up some newfangled brave belief to do the next big thing you are ready for in business or life?

Clicking your heels didn’t work, faking it till you make it gave you the cold sweats and telling yourself BS that triggers your inner asshole certainly isn’t a great POA to keep upleveling yourself.

What can you do about this learning new ways, creating new beliefs and trusting ourselves thing to take the inspired action you actually want to without freaking out every.damn.time?

Funny you should ask actually…I have a few tricks up my sleeve on this very topic.

Well, they aren’t tricks they are actually more respectful steps you can take that are customized to you, my dear Maverick because finding our own solutions is generally the best way to accomplish and stick to the growth we say we want!

Let’s get cracking, your dreams await….


Now I KNOW you are a driven, unique, beautiful snowflake who has playlists that rev you up, massive power moves you want to put in place and an allergy to complacency and the slow road to success buttttttt your powering through attempts aren’t going to help with this bit long term.

Did you just hear that snap? It was the rubber band of your neurological bandwidth of change that is telling you not so subtly to chill the F out with the pushing!

Your incredible brain is wired for safety not roller coasters of terror aka new exciting idea and actions bulleted in your face hourly.

So if you try to rush through the belief building stage of change by declaring sh*t on FB and hoping your grey matter gets the memo, you’re going to not only be disappointed but also be really exhausted and scared.

Stop. trying. to. rush. the. process.

Break down the bigass beliefs needed into smaller, easier to achieve and trust baby steps of belief and you’ll get there faster.

Here’s an example. You want to run a marathon, you even chose your amazing new sneakers for this venture. Gracias Amazon search!

But…. the farthest you’ve run until now is down the block to catch the ice cream truck. (SAME)

Now I’m not saying you can’t nail this marathon and be the next Forrest Gump if you want but you most certainly can’t do it just because you decided to and told everyone!

What are the first steps to your marathon run from your couch?

Commit to 5k jogs- complete it.

Then 10k runs- high five yourself as you pull it off.

Then finding a running coach- someone you love hanging out with.

Then practicing your breathing- Wim Hof, here we come!

Now you have 4 awesome smaller goals with new beliefs attached to them to hang out with, learn to trust, build resiliency with in order to get to that big awesome audacious one that right now your brain thinks is INSANE.

The secret is along the way to building the smaller beliefs, they start linking in your brain and building up evidence of what ELSE you can believe as you grow. With no pulled out hair or tears to be found!

Sounds fun and less terrorizing doesn’t it?


Beginner’s mind makes you feel silly, awkward, primal and incapable and can trick you into thinking you actually don’t know how to do anything anymore at all in any direction. (Think Telenovela scene of drama and disbelief!)

When you want to do something you haven’t done before, because you aren’t a delusional nut, you are very aware that you are heading into a zone of the unknown. Which triggers your brain into a beginner’s mind. It sounds pretty benign but holy hell, high achiever big thinkers DO NOT LIKEY THIS at all.

While I am not a fan of dwelling in the past to get all sticky and gooey, we do need a dabble in our history to be able to build these new beliefs that feel intangible from where you are sitting.

When you can go back and gather some proof of when you’ve mastered new things, overcome fears, adapted to new experiences and situations millions of times before, you remind yourself that you’ve done this loop so many glorious times and you are far more ready than you currently trust to nail this next level too.

You didn’t always know how to walk, ride a bike, drive a car, know how to work a cell phone, flirt with your crush, speak another language, salsa if you salsa, cook dinner….you get my gist.

So make yourself a list of all of the things you once thought you could never do that now you do on full cruise control without a stress or even a thought.

Dynamic suckers, aren’t we just?


Getting stuck took LOTS of energy. It felt ambush-y and overwhelming and untangling how you got there probably makes you feel like you really messed up too often mixed in with blame and shame of people, places and things.

To build new beliefs, you need some room in that tight spot of judgement and self interrogation spotlights.

You need spaaaaaaace, self compassion and even your sense of humor as your backup dancers.

Be playful, try things out, be okay with them being wrong for a while. Be okay with YOU being not exactly perfect. I know….GASP.

You don’t yet know what you don’t know. That’s called being human. Yea you, even you.

When you make pancakes, the first one is always all sorts of weird and wonky maybe even burnt on one side (still carb heaven though) but after a few flips and practice, by pancake #3-4 even Gordon Ramsay would applaud.

So chill with the self beating stick and imaginary timeline requirements, play with the learnings and unlearnings and find out who you can be on the road to success and allow your growth in belief and action to unfold more naturally.

You’ll enjoy the process more, you’ll teach your noggin that beliefs are exciting to nurture and you may even get to go even farther than you originally thought when you aren’t trying to control every single thing along the way- HOW NOVEL, I KNOW!


If you are ready to dive deep and get on the road to where you deserve to be, come on my 7 day Unpack Adventure HERE

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