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The road to your goals is where the change happens...NOT by making more to do lists or slapping things on a whiteboard hoping for the best. If you are ready to roll your sleeves up + trust.....your results will blow you away.

Now that you've made it here (YESSS!) let's explore the best way we can work together.

I show up fully as your confidante, cheerleader, coach and gentle ass kicker when needed regardless of how long or how intense our program is.

For some, I am the only non- Yes person in their organization

For others, I’m the only ear they can truly trust with all of their wins and fears

For all, I am committed with my big heart, my sharp intuition and my problem solver brain to see what you cannot yet and to guide you to the great version of possibility, step by step with strategy + heart work.

Achievements/milestones since working

with her include:

    • From 2>8 staff 
    • Automated and scaled my core service completely so I only work in the areas I truly enjoy. 
    • Added 50% to our pricing whilst INCREASING conversion rates, retention and client satisfaction.
    • Went on holiday and left my laptop in my suitcase instead of being glued to it. 
    • I could go on, but you get the picture.

Whatever the price is, it’s

1. Probably not enough

2. Worth it



I work with CEOs and Startup teams to bring creative and performance back to their business- from management, idea generation to team leadership + mindset training.

Your package is custom to your needs- 1 day team trainings, in depth 1:1 retainer work and everything in between!

No company grows without the right spark on their side.

I've been called the entrepreneur's secret weapon to success, so if you are looking for your own Wendy Rhodes from Billions, schedule a call to chat about your company and needs

Not Ready for 1:2:1? No problem!

Sometimes what you need is your own discovery at your own pace, WITH the right sherpa.

Check out my DIY courses:

Being in Shari's presence is amazing. the energy the love the care she has for everyone is so genuine. You know that she is teaching from a place of experience. The workshop was great with other like minded people, it was the first time i felt safe enough to talk about some of my vulnerabilities with my personal and business life. I recommend checking out the next workshop if you feeling a bit stuck and don't know what your next move will be


My Promise to you.

The Maverick Method I've developed first on myself + with hundreds of clients since is simple yet powerful.

Rooted in love + curiosity, I am Head Honcho of Ze Maverick Way, lead only how I want to be led.

You are met with respect, excitement and passion at every touch point- I'm an all in kinda chick.

We will create new pathways and beliefs and implement change you never dreamed of

We will dive deep to those places you may have thought were gone or maybe never knew were even holding you back to forge forward with a turbo charge 

We will create a technicolor you that shows up how you crave to and succeeds in taking all of the elements of you into account.

We will build that dream business of yours from where you are to where your next level is and beyond to places you never could've dreamt up on your own.

And we will have far too much fun doing that together. 

You need a secret weapon? Well here I am- I am the edge your business and life are needing. 

From my perspective, the more courageous you are in cranking open, the greater you can soarIn business and life- it all stems from the same well within- let's fill it up starting now!

You are safe, seen, understood and heard

Upping your performance and mindset - I've Got You

BUSINESS on creative steroids - On It