Maverick Expansion

You are sitting on a pile of inner

genius mired in colorful potential.

Yea you, reading this.

Fast moving, big vision thinking, no BS believing...and yet you aren’t yet where you deserve to be.

On the outside, you are the ‘go to person’ maybe even with enviable results- but you aren’t wired for complacency or cruise control.

But on the inside- all you see are more mountains to climb, big faraway goals to achieve, people to compare yourself to and a waning desire to keep pushing and reinventing.

That is the best place to be if you are landing on this page searching for something to shift things once and for all.

Well done, gut intuition- thanks for leading you to me!

You aren’t looking to spend the next X years spinning your wheels for mediocre wins OR good-ish results with no emotional connection anymore.

Careful what you wish for when you build your dream, right?

It rarely feels like what you expected it to.

What’s missing is not more spreadsheets, cookie cutter business models or circling back to ideas that don't light you up.

You aren’t craving some $10,000 week long retreat to hide from your life or journal out your blocks under the guise of ‘sorting it all out to restore’ just to burn out AGAIN because you don’t know what else to DO. 

Pfft, cmon, you know better than that by now. 

(Hides photos of the last retreat you went on…..)

The issue is you don’t know who or how to BE.

You are missing your EDGE.

That spark of magic that leads to magnetizing the right clients, putting you back in creative flow and helping you meld the inner and outer success you dream of at night after plopping down on your bed after a day of hustle

The upgraded CEO version of you is waiting to be unleashed- and it won’t be found in metrics, KPIs and other people’s measuring sticks. Those matter hugely in business and life AFTER you step up in your leadership and performance

Without the self performance and creative thinking, you are just a pile of numbers that go up and down spinning in front of your tired strained eyes. 

I have another way: The Maverick Way


Based on relighting the fires in you, innovating what is already working and alchemizing what isn’t into fuel you can use instead of quicksand around your driven little ankles.

I can see in you what you can’t yet even understand.

In our work together, I show you how to uncover your inner Maverick for more impact, transformation and revolution in your business FROM yourself.

  Without you steering the ship, we are aiming towards glaciers, hoping for the best.

You didn’t come this far to crash into oversaturated markets, boring businesses or fluffy positive thinking models, did you?

Shari is like a human truth serum in what she says and what she doesn't say. She cuts right through what has held me back for 25 years with what seems like grace and humor but I think it's gotta be magic. Thank you not just for me but for my wife and kids- you've helped me change for all of us. Watch out world!

P.D. Former code monkey, Budding Maverick

I combine a blend of creative wizardry thinking, innovative play and mindset coaching that amps up your performance and your inner GPS so you don’t have to PUSH anymore.

Business and life become these technicolor roadmaps where you get to build and create what you didn’t even know was in you.

I am that small and mighty trigger that sparks you right back up again.

My clients call me their secret weapon, and you deserve one in your back pocket too

The Maverick Expansion Incubator will:

Give you your creative spark and Maverick Edge to use as a custom blueprint to grow your business in a way that feels in line with your identity, your purpose, and your bigger Self AND doesn’t look like anyone else’s.

(Yes that is more than possible, it’s necessary).

Define your values and visions into an implementable plan so you can work on the right ventures for business and life both internally and externally at the right time (no more wasting energy forcing things that aren’t you or building the wrong thing just to check it off a success tracker)

Expand your ability to create more in flow + move barriers out of your way in business without compromising your sanity, limiting your earning potential or putting important relationships with yourself and others on to do list you never get to

New business projects?
We dream them up and create them

New habits and patterns needed?
We master your brain for optimized Maverick performance

Creative content to connect with your future adoring fans?
We build the pathway of service for you to shine in

I am the Co- CEO of your business and life during our time together, holding the expansion doors wide open for you to step into, even when you wobble.

How it works: 

You + Me in a 1:1 container cocktail of think tank, co-CEOing, cheerleading and exploration. 
Six month to reinvent and reignite your exceptional Self out into your business that soars and a life you finally believe you deserve.

  • Deep Dive Unleash Questionnaire + 90 minute Starter Session

    Together we design a big vision plan and reverse engineer how you step into those results, milestones and all, so you’re clear on next steps.

    These days alone will get your business, brain + and soul ready for our 6 month journey together. 

  • Biweekly 1 hour 1-on-1 Maverick Momentum Sessions

    We work on the actions being taken, clear the mental barriers and maintain focus and excitement in your big plan throughout our time together. This is where magic happens as we rebuild your mindset + creative solutions step by step together.

  • Access to my Maverick Life Unleashed Library

    My membership with over 125 weekly trainings + all masterclass recordings I create

  • VIP Access

    Complimentary tickets to all live or virtual workshops held during our time together

  • Me By Your Side

    The thing I want you to feel the most in our work together is held and taken care of. In between our calls + as needed, you have email and Voxer access to me to work through the wins and the wobbles equally. I'll hop on quick calls when you need them. And anytime you have a question, in real time within 24 hours, you will have me answering you directly. 

The future of your business and self lies in how you choose to show up everyday and what you allow to become your life story. If you are ready to meet your exceptional self and create the extraordinary results with all of the tools you already have within you, 

I am waiting for you.

Your Investment:

12 Months:

1 Payment of £13,500

Pay in full

save £2150!

£3000 Deposit

11 Monthly payments of


6 Months:

1 Payment of £7500

Pay in full

Save £1150!


5 Monthly Payments of