Well Hey There, Maverick!

I'm Shari

Your chief instigator to take you from dreaming to doing, theory to reality, hellbent on moving you OUT of the gray areas of your business + life and into the change you are ready for!

I See You....

Big Visions. Endless Ideas. But what's missing?

Overwhelmed by all of the choices, strategies, busy 'trying' to do the do you think it takes to grow + scale your business to that BOOM level...totally missing out on BEING the CEO you need to step into.

You've lost your creative edge, you are mired in doubt, frustration, imposter syndrome and a cocktail of 'oh crap now what' moments far more often than you'd like to admit.....

You can't remember who you are underneath all of the pressure- sometimes EVEN forgetting how good you are at what you do and ignoring those epic results you've already got!

You are too damn smart and driven to allow YOU to be the bottleneck blocking the success and fulfillment you and your business deserve!

Dizzy from overpromising + underdelivering templates and systems- you are craving your spark to step up and get your next level of growth RIGHT- away from the one size fits all BS you are better than.


This Is Me.

Boy mama adoring, crisp/chip (I'm bilingual!) addicted, reggaeton dancing, wander lusting, sweary talking firecracker at your service.

I am fueled by love, creativity + curiosity for bigger and better lives for anyone I can reach but I was NOT always this version of me.

Rewind 12 years and I was your standard Stepford wife living a life that looked beautiful from the outside but most certainly was not mine.

I had lost my spark and I had no idea how to find it again.

So I started with what I knew I didn't want and transformed entirely through a divorce, single mamaing the 2 most amazing boys in the world + navigating rebuilding a Self I knew was meant for much more.

After more dark nights of the soul than I can count, lots of dancing + cocktails mixed in for good measure, I found the rabbit hole of personal development and I dove in with all I had.

I studied in a life coaching certification + a yoga teacher training for a full year of immersion and KNEW I found my purpose.

With a sociology, art therapy and makeup artist background- uncovering what makes people tick melded with creativity runs in my veins.

My role in the world is to help people unearth themselves for more success, fullfillment + joy on their terms.

I can see in you what you cannot yet see. Spidey senses and all, ya know.

In my 9th year in business, I blend creative strategy, innovative play and mindset mentoring to help YOU become your exceptional self to build a business that performs.

It's time to bring out the Maverick in you.

mav·er·ick ˈmav(ə)rik/ noun an unorthodox or independent-minded person. synonyms:individualist, nonconformist, free spirit, unorthodox person, original, eccentric; rebel

What is All of This Maverick Talk?

My mission is helping entrepreneurs see their exceptional self and creating the extraordinary in the ordinary

Building + scaling businesses + selves that they love instead of feeling dead and numb inside. I see the Maverick in people.

What do I mean by Maverick? Great question...

And most people I see? NOT QUITE FEELIN IT...YET

I know that sound a bit harsh, once you can admit you’re in THAT place….you can start climbing up to a better one, right?

It doesn’t matter if you feel as though you are too young or old to make a change. It doesn’t matter if you think you are playing by the rules you are SUPPOSED to be playing, living the life you were TOLD is good & right, building your business by the books...if it doesn’t feel it every day when you pop open those baby blue, brown, green or whatever eyes, then that’s where I come in.

It most certainly doesn't matter if you systematized and templated the living hell out of your business, yet you look at it and feel more MEH then WOOHOO!

The numbers in the bank do NOT define a successful business. In order to get to that next level of growth you categorically CANNOT use what you've used to get where you are.

Let’s chase that dream together.

I believe curiosity, truth telling and vulnerability, especially the messy kind is the key to unlocking your strengths and diving into a new Technicolor future. I value honesty, humor, a lot of cheerleading and gentle mirroring can help someone open up to new things and admit what they’ve always dreamed of in order to go make it happen.

I believe in taking things apart to rebuild them on your terms- Life, Biz, and all things combined.

My clients know I can see what they can't yet...don't you think you deserve that too?