Find Your Maverick Edge

Four Week Live Experience

How To Step Up In Your Business


Own your Genius

Without Losing Your

Mind + Heart


This is a chance for you to explore that person deep down inside of you. To find those pieces that you may have left behind. To allow that person you have always knew was there finally come to the surface. And now to live that life and bring that magic to my business FINALLY- Shari weaves you + your work together without you even realizing it!


Join me for this 4 week LIVE experience to learn how use the Maverick medley of self understanding, marketplace psychology and emotive messaging to find your Maverick Edge for yourself and your business!
At the end of our 4 weeks together, you will have: 

Edge of Yourself

Clarity on where your growth trajectory is and what to do about amplifying it to the actions, behaviors and results you want

No more fluffy theory and mindset catch phrases- it's time to SHIFT!

Edge of Change

Learn to see yourself as a force to be reckoned with, an asset to your business AND a marketable entity your audience will choose. Stop waiting for a magic pill- it's in YOUR control to create anything you want

No more begging for a turn to be seen!

Edge of Market

Understand what your audience is looking for from you without constant posting, changing direction and begging for attention

Let's flip that magnetic switch to you leading with your content instead of chasing in a too loud marketplace!

Edge of Success

Curate you forward facing Maverick plan for without sabotage, doubt and procrastination as your constant companions!

Set up your OWN permission based strategy to be fully you for maximum return on all of your hard work WITHOUT burnout

Alignment, here we come!

What do you get?

4 pre-recorded lessons

4 companion workbooks

Daily livestream lessons

4 group q&a and feedback calls

Private FB group with your own Maverick crew

Weekly accompanying meditations

Who Am I To Help Your Find Your Edge?

Great question- those are big shoes to fill, right?

Built my business from being a stay at mom over the past 6 years

Have a mainly international audience and client base speaking on stages and workshops across 3 countries- SO FAR!

Coached and mentored over 200 people in my programs and 1:1 work

Hosted and sold out 6 1 day workshops both in the US and UK in the past 2 years

Increased my income by 150% in a year


But those are just metrics......

The real magic comes from my Maverick soul to yours


I believe every person has an Inner Maverick waiting to be seen and unleashed 
I believe life and business cannot be separated but must be nurtured together 
I believe creativity, curiosity and connection are the currency in which big success is scaled in
I believe once you get your inner world right, your outer world catches up FAST without needing complicated systems and funnels

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