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The Answers Aren’t in The Self Help Book Section

There are a lot of lies in this self awareness personal development bubble we are all drawn to.

Well, maybe lies is a bit harsh of a word…or maybe it’s not.

You see, we are all seekers.

Searching for truth, for salves from the pain of average living, for answers that help us believe there just HAS to be more meaning than lunches and carpools or commutes and time clocks.

But on that journey of searching, we are vulnerable. Easy prey for those who we think have ‘made it’ to the other side.

If you buy all 10 of my books, you will surely create magic!

If you just follow my template, you will manifest all you dream of!

If you sign up for my workshop, your woes will be gone and you’ll be one leg up in front of the Eiffel Tower!

If you invest tons of money you don’t have in my one to one coaching I will magically transform you into a unicorn in a size 2!

I know, I know….I have a snarky side.


The deep transformational work so many of us have tentatively walked towards to try is NOT found in a pretty package or branded PDF. It is NOT sold in a DIY course for a limited time only.

The lie is that it’s EASY. The false hope that someone can ‘fix’ the broken bits. pat your ass and send you on your merry way.

You are NOT broken.

There is nothing to FIX.

And, the doozy of it all, no one but YOU can go inside to find those dimmed lights, sore spots and old beliefs.

Healing work is no joke. Delving deep within is the only way THROUGH. Finding your OWN answers is what creates change, growth, transformation and evolution over and over and over again.

So what the heck is all of this hype about?

It’s about HOPE. It’s about WISHES and DESIRES. It’s about PERSONAL FREEDOM.

So now that I burst that falsity that you can’t be fixed, what are you left with??

The seeds of change.

The awareness that wow, you really do want to grow if you are so easily drawn to all of these shiny objects! Newsflash- we all are. Why?

Because as far along as we get, we all still have hard days, big fears, self sabotaging moments and comfort zones stretches that feel anything but enjoyable.

So if the answers are not found in staying stuck and numb but they are also not found in 50 different opt-ins and flashy websites, how do we find what we finally know we are searching for?

The answer is found INSIDE OF YOU.

It’s time to get quiet.

To stop spinning so fast and running so hard.

Buying, scheduling, planning.

To find what stands in your way you first have to learn to listen carefully to what your soul and body tell you. To see what you have created around you as a result of what you believe about the world, yourself and your worth.

Take notice of what it feels like to be in your life and what feeling would you prefer instead.

Then it’s time to reverse engineer.

Change occurs by digging into their soil of your own possibility.

Growth comes from in that very moment when the fear rises and you empower yourself to feel each pang and make tiny baby steps right in those moments.

Transformation unfolds when you start to unbelieve what you think you know and relearn who you truly are and what you deeply desire.

That’s when the books, mentors and coaches can come in to support you. Not DO it for you.

You see there are endless paths to how you go about this caterpillar to butterfly thang!

For some it’s deep soul work. Others it’s straight up mindset bootcamp. And yet for others, it’s through body work they find their way.

But only you get to choose and explore your WHY, your HOW and your WHEN.

The good news is whatever you choose, you do not have to do this alone.

Find a support- through reading, writing, mentors, friends, maybe even just an inspirational celebrity- but always remember, those are all tools for you to get where you want to go faster, NOT the promised magic pills or potions to skip through the steps that truly matter.




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