Connection, Content + A Little Chaos

Instead of scrapping your 2020 plans, thinking you need to start from scratch, wasting time + energy you don't have and attempt to become a creative machine overnight in the midst of all of the rest of the Covid Juggle right now....

What if you could take what you've got (and already love) and TWEAK it to be the magnet your audience is waiting for?

Join me for a one off LIVE 4 hour virtual workshop where I help you take an already created offer or program you have and give it a Maverick Makeover so it can reach the RIGHT people

the RIGHT way

RIGHT now +

get those sales in ASAP!


We will rejig what you've got + wave a creative wand on your:

  • idea + messaging
  • format + delivery
  • creative copy + content

And freshen it up to hit the mark for where your ideal clients are and how you are the choice for them NOW

No more faffing and flopping- by the end of the workshop, you'll be ready to shout from the rooftops + sell it with love + excitement

(ya know.. the Maverick way)


Sunday June 14th

8am-12pm EST/1pm-5pm UK time

$97 one time payment

+ 1 week email follow up access for any additional tweaks you want to check in with 


If creative constipation (Shari technical term) is clogging up your ability to get yourself and your goodies out in the world with confidence, this workshop is for YOU.

Stop with the on/off button in your biz 

let's get your genius refreshed + refueled- fast and furious!

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